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From the 2nd month you pay 12$/month
You can close your subscription whenever you want!
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ONE TIME OFFER: I get the first month of the Change Academy at 1$. If I wish to continue with the program, I'll spend 12$ per month

What you get in the Academy every single month
4 New Video lessons per month where I'll explain you every single aspect of pickup. I put all my experience in those videos.
2 New Podcasts per month. Put your earphones on and learn pickup on the go!
Real-life hidden camera footages with breakdowns and analysis. Every lesson is combined with infield-videos.
No man is an island. The Academy is a Community of people. Drop your question and you'll get an answer in minutes.
The Academy isn't about random videos. That's not youtube. Every month is a package oriented to a single topic
You won't find these videos or audios anywhere else online. I post them just in the Academy. This content is for your eyes only
If you still have doubts...
What will I find in the Academy?
Every month is filled with 4 video lessons and 2 podcasts. The videos include actual breakdown and analysis of real-life hidden camera footage of approaches. Audios are around 30 minutes long and I speak about two different arguments connected to the month's topic.
How's the Academy structured?
The Academy is not a bunch of random videos and podcasts. Every single month is about a specific topic in pickup, so you know exactly in which area you will improve. This is the best way to improve your skills, covering a different area at the time.
Why should I join the Academy?
Because I put in there years of experience and all the knowledge I got through rookie mistakes and experimentation. Following my advices you will save years worth of time by avoiding the mistakes I made. If you go for the first time to the gym, would you be able to learn how to train without a coach teaching you?
Why should I pay for content when I have Youtube?
Because in the Academy I give you a structure. This is not about watching random videos on Youtube. This is a specific plan where you'll get deep in a different topic every month and give you the tool to achieve those goals
What if I get in and I don't like your stuff?
That's why you have the first month access just spending 1$. Get in, take a look to the videos and listen to the podcasts, so you will have a precise idea if 12$ a month are worth for what you get.
I can't afford the Academy 
12$ per month is the lowest I could go for the content I put in the Academy every month, and I personally don't think that you can find something cheaper than this on line. This money is the investment on yourself. Do you think that get better with girls isn't worth 12$ per month?
Can I get out after the first month?
Of course! Close your subscription before the end of the first month and you won't be charged of anything else. As you can see, you have nothing to lose!
Why I need Podcasts?
Actually a good percentage of our members say this is the best thing The Academy has to offer. They're designed to constantly put you in the mindset of someone who is successful with women (and life) and you can download them on your phone and listen to them wherever you are.
I don't think I'm ready
Trust me, I wasted a lot of time postponing what I should have done immediately. And you're gonna regret that time! You're more than ready, you just have to take action and being persistent. That's what a man do! Complaining and whining about your situation won't help you.
I can't do it, I'm different from the others
I've been through this "Special Snowflake" phase too. I was too skinny, too shy, to whatever. Everyone thinks to be the only one having that particular problem but that's a bullshit. You're just looking for an excuse to not take action. I've been testing this program on every type of person, and I'm sorry to ruin your egocentric idea but you're not special. Someone else 10 times worse than you already got in the Academy and improved his life!
Ok, I'm ready! Let me in
That's my man!
I've read everything but I still have some questions...
Don't worry, I'd be more than happy to personally answer it for you. Email me here: and tell me what you're still curious about. I'll get back to you within 24 hours. - All Rights Reserved - Terms Of Service
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